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Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

Everybody has questions, especially about topics that they’re unfamiliar with.
In this section, we have listed the most frequently asked questions about internal linking and the Internal Link Juicer!

You can simply change the output of the generated link by setting an individual link template (you can find it in the “Links” tab in the Internal Link Juicer settings (find the documentation here: https://www.internallinkjuicer.com/docs/link-templates/).

If you want to open the link in a new tab, you can do that by setting the template to:

<a href="{{url}}" target="_blank" rel="noopener">{{anchor}}</a>

(You just need to copy the text from that link and paste it into your template settings)

With the Pro version, you can set custom links for auto-linking with our custom link feature. You will just have to insert your (internal or external) link targets and give them keywords for which they should get linked, and they work just like the other (internal) links that get built by the Internal Link Juicer.

Find more information in our documentation: https://www.internallinkjuicer.com/docs/custom-links/

You can edit keywords directly in the post editor and add every relevant keyword for the given post there. If these keywords appear in other posts or pages’ content it will automatically be linked to the post you gave the matching keyword.

Our documentation gives you a thorough process on how to do that: https://www.internallinkjuicer.com/docs/editor/

Linking to categories and tags is a pro feature of the plugin. With the pro version, you get to use the keyword editor and enabled taxonomies which allow you to set keywords for which archive pages should get linked.

The plugin also has a blacklist feature that works by excluding specific pages from automated link-building. Whitelisted taxonomies get linked by the plugin from their description.


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